Turkish Role in spreading Extremism Over the Region and Europe

Jun 15, 2020 | Studies & Reports

European Centre for Counterterrorism and Intelligence Studies-Germany and Netherlands.

In recent years, Turkey, especially under Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has sought to spread extremist ideology and ideology in the region and in Europe. Turkey has used many methods and tactics to break up the region and Europe and sow extremism through its clients within Europe.

Erdogan Green Light for Spreading Extremism by Muslim Brotherhood

In April 8, 2020, Researcher Michael Arizanti reported thatTurkey’s ruling Islamists in the Justice and Development Party (AKP) are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, known as the Ikhwan in Arabic. The Ikhwan is international and its strategies and tactics are different in each country, he said, though the various national chapters often communicate and cooperate with each other. Or to quote the Saudi Arabian journalist Khaled AlShareef: “Erdoğan’s ties to the Brotherhood go back to the 1970s, when he was one of the more trusted political pupils of Necmettin Erbakan, the father of Islamism in Turkey.Muslim Brotherhood branches in the Gulf helped support Erbakan and Turkey’s Islamists in this era when they faced repression from the secular establishment.

The historical roots are the same, as well as the ideological closeness in political and religious interpretation, and finally, self-interest as political opportunism. The Muslim Brotherhood is a belief system found throughout the world, the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey (the Erdoğan administration) is the only group in charge of a country in this big belief system. The Muslim Brotherhood’s leadership is a very tight network that loyal to their cause, when Necmettin Erbakan died in 2011, most prominent leading figures of the Muslim Brotherhood leadership attended his funeral in Istanbul. Around this time, as the Arab spring protests grew, so did Turkey’s support for Islamists, M. Arizanti added.

“The AKP government’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood movements abroad changed dramatically in 2010 and 2011, as Ankara sought to fund Muslim Brotherhood offshoots that were ideologically ranging from the covert loyalists like to the religious extremist overzealous .

Turkich Columinsts call for Jihad

In March 24,2020 MEMRI Research Centre reported a study that in a March 20, 2020 column, Burhan Bozgeyik wrote: “There cannot be Islam without a state. There must be a state, an administrator of all Muslims. This is the truth. Allah’s rulings will be dominant in all areas (the sayings and actions of Muhammad are included in these rulings). All Muslims will be brothers, will be united. A Muslim will never draw a weapon on another Muslim. Jihad is a valid ruling until the Day of Judgement. Jihad will not be abandoned. If jihad is abandoned, despicableness will come on its own. The unbelievers will be expelled from every handsbreadth of Muslim land… Let’s say it outright: To hell with all of the cruel unbelievers who, in the language of the Quran, are all filth. If the Muslims are unified, they will all be like dogs at our door.

The February 28 Friday sermon issued by Turkey’s Ministry of Religious Affairs read in part: “Our troops are always beside the oppressed against the tyrant. They are at the front for the good of the world, and they take cover in the name of humanity. They are on expedition to run to help those whose rights are taken from them. Our troops stand tall on their feet on the side of truth and against falsehood, having faith in the [Quran 17:81] verse ‘And say: “Truth has come and falsehood has collapsed. Verily, falsehood is condemned to collapse.’ Our troops run from victory to victory being bound from their hearts to the [Quran 3:139] verse: ‘Do not become loose, do not be saddened. If you have faith, you will be superior.’ Our troops obey the call of our prophet to ‘make jihad with your hands, your words, and your property’ and say ‘stop’ to the brazen raid of the enemy.” Turkey’s Ministry of Religious Affairs, which prepares the sermons that are given each week at the country’s 84,000 mosques, issued this sermon amid fighting in Idlib between the Turkish military and Turkish-backed jihadi factions on one side and the Syrian military on the other.

In a February 10 column, Mustafa Kasadar wrote: “This ummah has gotten its dignity and honor from jihad and martyrdom. This ummah, in the period when it burned and ignited as a whole with the longing for jihad martyrdom, it was the lord of the world. It gave shape and order to the whole world. But whenever it became a nation that was disgusted by death, that forgot the desire for martyrdom, and preferred the worldly life to the hereafter, that is when it fell from the summit and became the plaything of the non-Muslim nations…

“On this occasion we are commemorating with mercy all our martyrs and congratulating all of the civil society organizations, above all the Anadolu Gençlik Derneği (Anatolian Youth Assocatian, AGD) who are celebrating February as ‘Martyrdom Month’ and bringing jihad and martyrdom to the youth agenda once again. We commemorate with mercy and gratitude the jihad leaders ‘Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam, Hassan Al-Banna, Abdullah Azzam, Ahmad Yassin, and Necmeddin Erbakan, who are the jihad teachers of our age. The path that will save the ummah from this despicableness today is clear. This path has been tried dozens of times before and every time, with this method, the ummah got up from the place to which it had fallen and reached the summit once again. That path is singular, and it is the construction of an ummah that desires jihad and martyrdom.


Turkey becomes the Muslim Brotherhood’s base to take over the world


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