German ‘IS’ jihadi spared death sentence in Iraq
A court in Iraq has turned a death penalty handed down to Lamia K. into a life sentence. The woman from the southern German town of Mannheim had been found guilty of terror offenses as a member of “Islamic State”
A death penalty handed down to a German woman of Moroccan origin in Iraq has been commuted to a life sentence, German foreign ministry sources confirmed Tuesday
The reduction resulted from an appeal. A life sentence in Iraq usually translates to 20 years in jail, or 15 years with good behavior
The woman, identified as Lamia K., was sentenced to death in January for providing logistical support and helping “Islamic State” (IS) militants carry out acts of terror

The Mannheim native continues to receive consular assistance from the German Embassy in Baghdad
Lamia K. left Germany with her two daughters in 2014 to join the militant group
One of her daughters was killed during an air raid, German daily Die Welt reported
Lamia K. and her other daughter were captured last July during the Iraqi recapture of Mosul from IS. The daughter was handed a one-year term in jail for illegally entering Iraq, according to Die Welt

Lamia K. was said to have been the first European woman sentenced to death in Iraq for links to IS
Dozens of German IS jihadis are currently in captivity in northern Syria and Iraq — many of them women and children
Read more: Children of ‘Islamic State’ struggle to integrate in Germany
ap/rt (AFP, dpa)  DW

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