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We are European Center for Counterterrorism and Intelligence Studies, ECCI, based in Germany and Netherlands since 2013. We are concerned with counterterrorism and International security policies ,warning of threats to national and international security.

Our Studies and reports are focused on the European efforts to combat, radical Islamic groups -“Jihadist” and Far Right wings, illegal Immigration in Europe and International security. We are pro European polices and some regional and international polices to counter-terrorism.

We believe in Peace, integration in society for all religious and ethnics. We are working in cooperation with Experts and Research Centers to exchange experiences and recommendations through effectively participating in their workshops and conferences. In accordance with the standards of the German Constitution and European Union legislation, which does not constitute a violation of national security or the security of persons and facilities.

 The ECCI, Center has been classified at the top of Google researching page on counter terrorism. It is also classified as a European and International Center. It merits having the best network of well-known academic experts and senior researchers who have participated in international workshops, conferences and International media and TV seminars and sessions in Europe and all over the region.

The Center publishes two books annually: the first on terrorism and the second on international security. The Center’s books participate in international book fairs annually.


Ω All pictures of extremist groups on the site are to clarification, facilitation, and exposing the truth about extremist groups.

Ω The center does not bear any legal responsibility for publishing pictures and content on the center’s website.

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Europäisches Zentrum für Terrorismusbekämpfung und Intelligence Studies  Deutschland & Niederlande