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European Centre for Counterterrorism and Intelligence Studies Compliments The Centre specialises in Counter Terrorism studies namely on Counterterrorism Policies in Europe, “IS”: Daesh, Al-Qaeda, all “Jihadists”, Islamic Radical Groups, Extreme Right in Europe

The terrorist threat in Britain is taking a new turn

By Frank Gardner The terrorist threat to Britain is radically different today from what it was at the outset of the Islamic State group's caliphate five years ago, according to senior Whitehall officials.While the threat from far-right extremism and dissident Irish...

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AL- Baghdadi is Back again, Whats behind ?

Baghdadi Is Back- and Vows That ISIS Will Be, Too By Robin Wright  European Center for Counterterrorism and Intelligence Studies in Germany and Netherlands. The New Yorker  - The world’s most wanted and reclusive terrorist, the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,...

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